Artist + Multimedia Editing Solution
Artist + Motion Editing Solution

Editor +
Motion Design

Digital arts and crafts.

Proficient in digital media, I am an editor with a wide scope of talent. I am capable of video editing, motion design, as well as assistant editing. Commercials (Best Buy, Toyo Tires), music videos (Cruisin'In, Gol e Bagh), social media branded content (Rocky Mountaineer, Coast Protein), and all sorts in between, I can take on the task and work with brands. Take a look at my past projects; click on the brand names below to see some of the work I've helped other studios accomplish.

Composer +
Sound Mixer

Strike a chord.

Composing music is a therapeutic, colourful, and fun departure from the typical visual editing media in which I work. Utilizing a broad skill set in a variety of genres, and with a decade of self-taught music production under my belt, I can tailor a custom composition (or several) to fit a lifestyle or brand image. Other skills include sound design (Asics, DAT, MASOR, NAU) and mixing/mastering (DAT, MASOR, NAU). All music and sound is completely original, and made by me.

Featured Above: MASOR - mix, music, and mastering by Harrison Ames Barrett

Hear me out.

Before a project takes shape and becomes its own entity, it's important to lay the foundation with a good reference. Electronic or Symphonic, ambient or front and centre, music completes the experience. Here are a few samples of the music genres in which I work.

A passion project and an alter ego.

Risonam is my personal project. Separate from the composition side of my work, Risonam is inspired by the audio advancements of the 1980's as well as the iconic synthesizers from the eras of disco and funk. This music can be classified as Synthwave or Retrowave. Simply put; Electronic.

Graphic Designer

Picas, pixels, and productions.

These are some snippets of past projects. My involvement included a wide variety of talents, such as graphic design (Matt Mort, Aperture), creative direction (Cruisin' In, How Lucky), compositing (Best Buy, Clio), and/or storyboarding. Digital design keeps me engaged with the modern world. I love me a blank canvas.

Personal + Contact

I am Harrison Ames Barrett, and I am:


There's more to a final cut than what you see on the screen. My involvement in digital media includes (but not limited to) data management and dailies, selects/proxies, colour grading, sound mixing, and many more facets that may be required to facilitate the process.


There are many ways to see a project through to the end, utilizing various tools and practices. I can work in many of them: Mac or PC, Premiere or Resolve. Equally comfortable at home, in the studio, or on location, I'm absolutely adaptable. Internet connections and coffee are my creative assistants.


My best work shines through direct communication. Whether it's first draft or final approval, I consistently monitor project status and timelines. Email, phone calls, and video chat are great, however, our most impactful and creative work will likely start with a handshake.


Educated in film and self taught in music, I have grown and developed my love for digital design over the years. Every project I do ignites a spark; a drive; a characteristic; that makes me grateful and keeps me excited to see the finished product.

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