Educated in film and self taught in music, I have grown and developed my love for post production over the years.
Every project I do ignites a spark; a drive; a characteristic; that makes me grateful to have such opportunities,
and keeps me excited to see the finished product. My best work shines through direct communication.
Forever a student, and a problem solver for all things design.

Hi, got any projects?

Thank you for taking a look at my portfolio! I am currently full-time freelance, and accepting new leads/work. For a comprehensive list of skills, see my LinkedIn here.

For all other inquiries, please use the contact form below, or send email to harrison(at)

Things I can do:

  • Video Editing and Motion Graphics in freelance, contract, or remote studio positions
  • Sound Design and Music Composition
  • Creative Direction and Brand Analysis, alongside basic graphic design skills and requirements
  • Design this website (I studied WebFlow to make this entire site)
  • Backflips on the trampoline

Thank you, I'll take a look soon!

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